Steven D. Kaufman

children's books

The Kitchen Zoo   The Purpleberry Problem   Abby's Smelly Toes   No Parsley!


Drinking a glass of milk becomes a whimsical challenge as a young boy is visited by a parade of fun-loving animals.


The room was still and very quiet.
I had my milk, and thought I'd try it.
But as I swallowed--glug, glug, glug--
I heard a sound beneath the rug.

I dropped down on my hands and knees
And said "Come forward, if you please."
A little frog hopped on my back.
He wore a suit of white and black.

Gracious me! He looked so nice!
I heard him croak, not once, but twice.
"I do special magic tricks,
Like turning snowflakes into sticks."

He held a coin up to my ear,
And then he made it disappear!
"I have a favorite that I do.
I hide a tadpole in my shoe!

But now it's time for me to go.
I hope you'll come and see the show."
He tipped his hat and said "Good day!"
And I watched him hop away.

The Kitchen Zoo - Frog

The Kitchen Zoo - Elephant