Steven D. Kaufman

children's books

The Kitchen Zoo   The Purpleberry Problem   Abby's Smelly Toes   No Parsley!


A small town and a little vampire girl have trouble keeping their agreements when a demanding little boy arrives.


There were three things that made the town of Purpleberry great. The first was a swimming pool with lots of fun water slides. The second was Lost Park with its big carousel. The third was Abigail, the little vampire girl. Now, having a vampire was very special. However, Purpleberry was extra special because its vampire was a girl. And a friendly one at that.

Since vampires play at night and sleep all day, things worked a little different in Purpleberry.

The town tried to do everything in the three hours when Abby woke up and before the people of Purpleberry went to sleep. So the town had quiet days, noisy three-hour evenings, and quiet nights.

Soccer games were held in the evening just so Abigail could play.

The loud machines building the new road worked hard during the evening, then turned off.

All the shops and all the stores were open for three hours in the evening. People rushed about, buying what the needed. Then everything closed up tight.

It was a little strange at first, but people got used to being quiet during the day, noisy in the evening, and quiet at night when they slept. Abigail got used to being quiet during the day when she slept, noisy in the evening when she played with everyone, and quiet at night.

One day, a new family moved to town. They had a boy named Sammy.

Sammy found his football in a box. "Here! Catch!" he yelled to his new neighbor across the street.

"Shhh!" the other boy said. "Abigail is sleeping!"

Sammy went in the swimming pool at Lost Park. The pool was full, but it was very quiet. "Hey! Let's splash!" he said loudly.

"Shhh!" the other children said. "Abigail is sleeping!"

Sammy liked to play trombone. He sat on the front porch and started to play a song. The woman who lived next door came running up.

"Shhh!" she said. "Abigail is sleeping!"

"Who is Abigail?" Tommy said. He looked angry.

"She's the vampire girl! She sleeps during the day and plays at night."

Just when he was about to go out and play when his mother stopped him.

"It's time to get ready for bed," she said. "Go take a bath."

Sammy frowned. He was not happy.