Steven D. Kaufman

children's books

The Kitchen Zoo   The Purpleberry Problem   Abby's Smelly Toes   No Parsley!


As they make dinner together, a little girl reminds her father about a food that she definitely does not like.


Abby walked into the kitchen.
"What are you doing, Daddy?" she asked.
"I'm making dinner."
"Will it take long?" Abby wondered. "I'm hungry."
Daddy gave Abby a snack of cheese and crackers. He picked up his knife again. It went chop-chop.
"What is that stuff you're cutting up?" Abby wondered.
"It's parsley."
Abby wrinkled her nose. "I don't want any on my snack."
Daddy smiled. "Don't worry, honey. You don't put parsley on cheese and crackers."
"Good. Because I don't like parsley."

"Daddy, what are we going to have for dinner?" Abby asked.
"Well, how about a salad?" Daddy said.
"I like salad. Would you put in some peas?"
"Of course," said Daddy.
"And some pickles?"
Daddy leaned over and kissed Abby on the forehead. "I have to think about that," he said.
"Thank you, Daddy. Peas and pickles would be good. Put all that in. But remember, Daddy: NO PARSLEY!"

"Yes, Abby?"
"Would you make some soup?"
"What kind of soup?" Daddy asked.
"One with lots of beans in it. And noodles, too. I like the flat ones that flop around a lot."
"That sounds good," said Daddy.
"And some corn. I like corn in soup."
"Beans, corn, and floppy noodles," said Daddy.
"That sounds good. Put all that in. But remember, Daddy: NO PARSLEY!"