Steven D. Kaufman


From his first love poem at nine years old to his current novels, a passion for the written word has been a cornerstone of Steven D. Kaufman’s life.

Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Steven attended Stanford University, including a six-month stay in Berlin, Germany. His career has focused around computer technology for both small and large companies.

In 1999, after returning from a two-year work assignment in Europe, Steven began consulting for start-up ventures. That led to the formation of his current company, where he serves as Sr. Vice President of Operations.

Steven is also a long-time volunteer and community activist. From treasurer of a non-profit daycare to leader of a land use advocacy group, Steven has made volunteerism an important priority.

Running throughout these activities is Steven’s passion for writing. Whether composing an email, a speech, or a marketing piece, Steven has maintained a long-term love affair with the art of composition and writing. It has culminated in a variety of adult and children’s literature. Please explore this site to learn more.

Steven also has extensive print, radio, and television experience. For samples, please see the media section.

Steven D. Kaufman photo